JW Draperies, Inc. is proudly owned and operated by its original founder, James D. Witten.
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Established in 1977 as a small, family-owned company, JW Draperies has maintained the same simple philosophy for over 40 years - provide customers with high-quality products at the best possible price with outstanding customer service.


Known throughout the industry as a trustworthy company capable of fulfilling its obligations, JW Draperies continually strives for improvement and to maintain its reputation of high integrity. As a result, JW Draperies is now one of the largest private hospital cleaning service in the mid-Atlantic region. You can see our products in more than 100 healthcare facilities from Richmond to Philadelphia. 

In 1988, JW Draperies added the healthcare industry as an area of specialization in addition to continuing to provide window treatments. By tailoring our services, products, manufacturing, and customer service to the needs of the healthcare industry, JW Draperies became an expert in the field. Our specialized niche is producing, cleaning, and installing window coverings and privacy curtains. We’re always finding ways to improve our product line and introduce new items to customers.


Our Mission

JWDraperies 005 2Our vision is to provide the highest quality products for the best possible price. To keep our prices low and our quality high, we employ innovative strategies that make our processes efficient and cost effective. By providing great products to our customers, we help the healthcare industry to exceed the expectations of its own customers. Our customers count on us for our attention to detail when it comes to cleanliness and product creation. We consider ourselves a regional leader in our specialization of privacy curtains in the healthcare industry.


Our Purpose

At JW Draperies, we encourage team building and a small business mindset in our employees. We teach and enable our employees to work and think independently, which keeps our business fresh and growing. There’s always a new idea floating around JW Draperies!

JW Draperies may be a small business, but our reputation is large. We consistently continue to outshine our competition, offering the highest quality products for the lowest prices. To maintain the quality of our company, we focus on continual improvement in these three key areas:

  • High-quality workmanship — JW Draperies owns and operates its own sewing workroom and cleaning facility which allows us 
    to control our products at every stage. Any pre-manufactured goods that you purchase from JW Draperies retains the original warranty from their manufacturer.
  • High-quality products at affordable prices — JW Draperies always strives to provide the best possible price to match your project's needs. You can remain confident that you are getting a quality product with us.
  • High-quality service — Whether you need an overnight cleaning or a weekend installation, you can rest
    assured that JW Draperies is there for you. We will do everything possible to meet your deadlines. Our delivery and installation teams are highly trained and fully capable of installing our products with a smile, making the process as easy as possible for you. We regularly stock thousands of yards of fabric for emergency purposes and can use our on-site sewing room to have them ready in 24 hours.